Speak Your Way To Big Book Sales

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Speak Your Way To Big Book Sales

If you are an extravert or can fake it, speaking in front of a live audience pitching your book and selling copies to the attendees can catapult your book to bestseller lists. There are plethoras of speaking venues where an author can talk on the topic of their book to audiences who will be willing to listen and to buy a copy of their book.

Consider presenting yourself and book topic to conference organizers that are a good fit for your genre. A Human Resource Conference (SHRM www.shrm.org ) is a perfect place to pitch a book on employee development, challenges, retention, etc. If you’ve written a novel, a number of bookstores may be interested in offering you a spot on their monthly author appearance calendars.

With very little research on the Internet, (thank goodness) you will have a long list of possible places that would be delighted to have you. Why? Because bringing in an author to speak at a conference, a bookstore or any number of possible venues is a benefit for their customer base. It boosts their own image by association with the right author.



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