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Magazine Writers Get Noticed

Writing for magazines is a terrific writing career. Pick a topic that interests you, one you may have some background in or a current in-the-news subject you crave to explore. Research the magazine market; get to know what publications hire freelancers, and what percentage of their publication non-staff writers contribute.

Submit your queries based on the magazine’s guidelines. Magazine contributor fees vary based on the publication, type of article, essay, placement, distribution and so, on. Most magazines also have a website that will accept submissions, too. Investigate all the possible avenues of submitting a piece for publication.

While you’re writing for magazines, you’re building your portfolio and gathering “clips” that will support you as a writer and author. Magazines are another way to enter the book-publishing arena. Many editors find their next authors by perusing magazines’ content based on their product line.

As a magazine contributor, you may have the chance to be sent on assignment. That’s what happened to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of EAT, PRAY, LOVE. She traveled through Italy, India and Indonesia. Her book has been on The New York Times Bestseller list for 94 weeks!

I recommend reviewing or joining: , , These sites can offer you more ideas, access and process for getting into the magazine writer’s world.

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