What Promotional Expenses Will My Publisher Fund?

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What Promotional Expenses Will My Publisher Fund?

· Most publishers, at the minimum, will provide the author with fliers, bookmarks, or other printed support materials for the release of the book.

· If the book is a top tier book, the publisher may provide advertising co-op dollars to promote the title’s release. This may include the ads on the web, appropriate print publications, the purchase of a targeted e-mail list to receive a press release, or billboard signage. Funds may also be available for radio advertising.

· Some publishers will provide a budget to tour an author to a limited number of cities. They will cover the transportation (air and ground), food and hotel.

· A book launch reception may be part of the overall book campaign funded by the publisher.

o Hard copy invitations created by the publisher

o Postage for the mailing of the invitations

o Food, drinks, music, etc.

· The publisher’s publicity department will usually send out review copies, a press release and directly contact key media outlets in order to pitch your book.

· It’s possible that the publisher may share in the expense of hiring an outside publicist or PR firm.

· The publisher may host a webinar, tele-seminar, or pod-cast.



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