The Publicist Assigned To My Book Has Left The Company

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The Publicist Assigned To My Book Has Left The Company

Your book is about to release and the publicist who was assigned to your book has left the company. What can you do about it and how do you know the replacement is qualified?

You’ve already spent three months or more communicating with the previous publicist and now you have to start from scratch with the replacement. It’s not easy for you or the new publicist. To make matters worse, your book is lagging in booked publicity and now it’s almost too late.

· Unfortunately, this happens and as the author there really isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. The publisher is providing a service and you need to trust their judgment that the publicist assigned to your book is qualified and will do a great job in pitching your book to the press.

· You can make your concerns known to your editor to ensure they are in the loop, in that way they will be monitoring the publicist’s efforts.

· The publisher wants to do their best in representing your title as it’s in their best interest, too.

· One of the hardest things to do, as an author, is to “let go” and trust that the publisher knows the marketplace and what to do in order to generate maximum sales for your book.

· As a precaution, it’s beneficial for the author to connect with his/her own media contacts and/or hire a publicist on their own as a safety net.



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