Will My Book Go To A Paperback Edition?

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Will My Book Go To A Paperback Edition?

· Not all hard copy editions go to paperback. The publisher looks at each book on a case by case basis.

· If the book is selling very well in cloth, the publisher may decide to extend the cloth’s edition beyond a year’s time (usual length of a hard copy edition).

· The determining factor for a cloth edition to go to paperback is almost solely on the sales history in hard copy and the sale ability of the book once it goes to paperback.

· If the cloth edition’s sales begin to slow, but the publisher thinks that a paperback edition may increase or pick up the momentum, the publisher may opt to produce a paper edition.

· Another reason for a cloth/hard cover book to be published as a paperback is because there is a significant amount of updated information and rather than print the revised text in cloth, the publisher may choose to publish the newly updated book in paper.

· The advantage of a paperback book is the price and convenience factor for the customer. Therefore, allowing the publisher to earn higher gross margin and sell volume.



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