What Is a Pub Window and What Does It Matter?

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What Is a Pub Window and What Does It Matter?

· A pub date is the actual day when the book is officially released and distributed across the country (U.S.); generally it depends on where the publisher’s warehouse (distribution center) is located, but it can take up to three weeks for the book to be fully dispersed from the east to the west coast.

· The pub date is the official date that the media exposure is planned to begin, as well as any events that are being scheduled. The reason being is that the publisher wants to be sure that the book will be available to customers when the media begins to hit, otherwise, if the media is happening prior to the book being made available in the stores, then there’s the chance that the media’s mention will not do its job of driving traffic to purchase books.

· The pub window (generally 3 months from the pub date) is the time period that the publisher puts its attention on garnering press and speaking appearances.

· It would be impossible for the publisher to continue their focus on titles much beyond this window. Because of all the new releases, (over 225,000 books released each year through traditional publishers) and limited resources, publishers generally cannot afford to “carry” a title passed the pub window unless the author is evergreen or a franchise.

· Usually the press is only interested in a title when it first hits the market; most of the attention will likely take place in the first six weeks after the release.



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