Publishing Industry Book Expos Can Spread The Word About Your Book.

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Publishing Industry Book Expos Can Spread The Word About Your Book.

The publishing industry is host to numerous annual book expos throughout the United States.

Book Expo of America/BEA

  • This is the largest and only national publishing industry book expo in America. M any of the large and small independent publishers have a booth hosting a number of author appearances.

  • Book publishers from around the globe attend BEA. It's great exposure for foreign rights' sales.

  • There are educational forums for booksellers, publishers and authors, as well as special venues including author breakfasts, lunches, teas, reception and more.

  • In order for an author to appear, he/she need s to be submitted through their publisher. If your publisher is not attending, it’s unlikely that you will be able to participate in the scheduled programs.

  • All book expos are interested in the next season's book releases and will not usually accept author appearance requests for books that have been published more than three months prior to the expo.

  • Regional book expos: Publishers’ booths are representative to the size of the show as their space is a fraction of what it is at BEA, but that’s also because the physical convention floor is so much smaller. There are similar programs for authors and publishers to take part in as in BEA.

  • New England Booksellers Association/NEBA The New

  • Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association/NAIBA

  • Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association/PNBA

The above is an example of some of the regional shows. For more information, please visit their website.

Additional expos in other locales look at the following:

  • Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association/MNBA

  • Southeast Booksellers Association/SEBA

  • North Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association/NAIBA

These shows are invaluable for spreading the word about your new book, as there are booksellers from all corners of America and beyond.



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